Paul, Anchorage business owner

“Needed some advice on collecting from someone who owes me over $5000. Greg returned my call and spent 15 min on the phone with me… He gave good advice for which I am very grateful. Thank you for the great customer service and knowledgeable help!”


“I have been a customer of Cornerstone for about 10 years now. If I have a customer who does not pay me then Cornerstone will go to bat for me and collect the unpaid debt. I appreciate that. They also process credit cards for me and I have always experienced very good customer service…”


“We use Cornerstone Credit Services as our credit card merchant for our business and we’re super impressed with this company! Our rep, Ben, is super helpful anytime we have questions.”


“I have had dealings with Cornerstone at every level of their organization, from personal accounts that I lost track of that were turned over to them, to merchant services, small business and corporate collection account management. I have found them to be responsive and pleasant to deal with.”