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Benefit from 35+ Years of Professional Collection Experience & Maximize Your Revenues Today

Cornerstone Credit Services is an employee-owned company based in Anchorage, Alaska. Our mission is to protect the interests of the businesses in our community. We treat all parties with respect and make every effort to preserve the relationships our clients have with their consumers.

Efficient. Effective. Ethical.

We are a collection agency with a proven track record of success. Motivating customers to pay overdue accounts is a challenging and time-consuming process, and we’re here to make it easy. Each of our clients gets a dedicated customer service representative who will guide you through every step of the process, from submitting accounts for collection to tracking your progress.

Are you ready to recover your lost revenues?

“Needed some advice on collecting from someone who owes me over $5000. Greg returned my call and spent 15 min on the phone with me… He gave good advice for which I am very grateful. Thank you for the great customer service and knowledgeable help!”

Paul, Anchorage business owner

“I have been a customer of Cornerstone for about 10 years now. If I have a customer who does not pay me then Cornerstone will go to bat for me and collect the unpaid debt. I appreciate that. They also process credit cards for me and I have always experienced very good customer service…”


“We use Cornerstone Credit Services as our credit card merchant for our business and we’re super impressed with this company! Our rep, Ben, is super helpful anytime we have questions.”


“I have had dealings with Cornerstone at every level of their organization, from personal accounts that I lost track of that were turned over to them, to merchant services, small business and corporate collection account management. I have found them to be responsive and pleasant to deal with.”


Take the Stress Out of Accounts Receivable

Our local team prioritizes fast and responsive service. They are always easily accessible to answer your questions and help resolve issues as they arise. No two businesses are the same, and our experienced representatives will be able to develop a customized collection system that will maximize your revenues. We want your business to succeed just as much as you do.

Performance is everything.

Effective collection services start with exceptional customer service. We act as an extension of your business offering each overdue account holder a range of payment options designed to take their personal circumstances into consideration. This increases the chance that the account will be paid in full, allows you to retain a valued customer, and saves you a significant amount of time and money.

Looking for a local accounts receivable management company with a great track record? Ready to recover your lost revenues?

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We Provide Tailored Collection Services
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Five Reasons to Choose Cornerstone Credit Services

  • Improve your cash flow.
  • Reduce write off expenses.
  • Lower your operating costs.
  • Invest in customer retention.
  • Get back to business sooner.

Our philosophy is to mend bridges, not burn them, which allows us to translate write-offs into money with tremendous success. We are patient and methodical, and our value lies in the fact that we follow through until we are certain we have achieved the best possible outcome for each client.

We’re not just a collection agency. In addition to recovering lost revenues, we’ll help you set up better billing practices that take losses off the table and ensure you’re always paid on time. Your job is to generate new business, our job is to take care of your finances. It’s time to grow.

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